1st-tec is currently seeking proofreaders and audio typists who possess background knowledge in science fields.

1st-tec is actively seeking personnel with quality experience as proofreaders and audio typists. Those who have background knowledge in the medical, biochemistry, chemistry and IT fields are especially welcome.

What is English audiotyping?

English audio typing involves listening to tape recordings of conferences, lectures, interviews of English-speaking people, etc., and typing what is said. It can be difficult, however, to read transcriptions of these tape recordings on paper if they are transcripted verbatim, as people often use an oral style when speaking. Unnecessary words and phrases such as "well", "um", "let me see", "isn't it", etc. can often be deleted. Grammar correction may be necessary, and rephrasing of sentences is required at times for improved clarity. Some tapes contain evidence used in litigation, where expressions relatively unimportant in ordinary circumstances may be extremely important. Such tapes must be accurately transcribed.

To apply, please download and fill out the application form and submit it by mail.

Application form (Microsoft Word format, 69KB)

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