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Great translation requires an intimate knowledge of the cultural background as well as of the language itself. At 1st-tec, our American and Japanese translation professionals pride themselves on their combination of linguistic prowess and cultural literacy. With this unique skill set we provide our clients consistently outstanding results.

Japanese to English Translations

Before we begin to translate a Japanese original, our native Japanese specialists pore over it to help clarify ambiguities and guarantee that the finished product will say precisely what the author intends it to say. Next, translators with background in the appropriate field complete the work. The document is then scoured once again, this time by seasoned American proofreaders, who ensure that it reads as if it had been composed in English originally. Finally, our Japanese and American staff get together to verify that nothing has been lost in the translation, and that communication value has been added.

English to Japanese Translations

When we receive an English document, the head translator confers with our native English-speaking language professionals to make certain that the translating team is comfortable with even the most challenging text before rendering it into Japanese. Our veteran translators are meticulous, but their completed translations are nevertheless carefully reviewed by expert proofreaders, who will not sign off on it until it is perfect - both in terms of meaning and style. Thus, the finished product is more than just an accurate translation; it is an exceptionally well-written Japanese document in its own right.

The Information Collection Process

At 1st-tec, we realize that there is much more to an excellent translation than just the translator, the documents and the dictionary. We add best-of-class research and analysis know-how to our superior translating abilities, tirelessly mining the Internet and an array of traditional sources for the information we need to provide pinpoint precise translation.

Business experience

1st-tec translators and proofreaders bring a wealth of real-world business experience to their work. Thus, when judgment calls must be made on how to handle cultural differences in translating business documents, we are able to make the decisions that win our clients the business they deserve.

In translating contracts, we always work in close consultation with our clients, and draw on our legal expertise to advise the addition or deletion of clauses that could otherwise give rise to lawsuits.

When we translate manuals, we put ourselves in the shoes of the operators who will actually use the product, working to make the complete manual clear and easy to understand. Our diversity of experience enables us to produce user-friendly documents specific to the appropriate field.


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